Proud Brooklyn Native, Tyree aka BklynTye, is a natural-born powerhouse with an affinity for all things Hip-Hop and both ears to the streets.

As a member and major supporter of the culture, Tye readily promotes artists, authors, small businesses, and up-and-coming brands with her trademark raw, uncut, and always genuine style.

With a unique and avid eye for talent, she is an early adopter and encourager of many success stories. It has been said that Tye is somewhat of a walking billboard for those who she represents – rocking tees, buttons, stickers, hats, jewelry, and handbags of contemporary artisans.

BklynTye is one of a kind in her approach and her pursuit to walk the talk by putting her money where her mouth is, investing her hard earned cash into those who she believes in – never asking for discounts or hookups.

She lives her values as a promoter of the collective village, and now it’s our turn to return that love. As you will often hear her say, “Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn (Tye) way!”