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Saturday, November, 4th 2017, I attended THE BEAUTY GAL’s STOOP SALE in Brooklyn (NY). This was a FREE event where Ladies who are in the Make-up and Hair care field (Bloggers, MUA, Stylist) came out to sell items they’d received but had never used. Needless to say it was similar to a Yard Sale, just indoors and a bit more fun! There was a Starbucks Continental style breakfast which included Coffee & Bagels. There was music. There was meeting & greeting. The networking that went on was amazing.

Myself, along with many other women came out to Support this gathering but most of all, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity of purchasing name brands like: MAC, REVLON, L’OREAL, NYX, SHEA MOISTURE, (just to name a few), for the low.

I caught a ton of bargains on items that usually retailed anywhere from $5-$75 a pop, for prices ranging from $1-$10 each. Talk about a Steal! I ended up buying Foundation and blushes by IMAN, a Make-Up Brush set with a nice bag, Nail Polishes by O.P.I & Essie, Lipsticks by MAC, even braid spray. I walked away only spending $53 for 20 items.

As an added bonus, I was given a little makeover by Stanford Smith, who is a professional MUA.

I even got to meet, 6 time Nominated- TV Host & Producer and ‘ Friend in my Head’, Kela Walker.

I love going out meeting new people, especially Women Of Color. Sisters I can Chill and do fun Shyt with! As well as Support their Brands and Businesses. So yall keep me posted on anything you have going on. Shoot me an email ( Stay tuned to my IG, Twitter (@BklynTyeNYC) and Facebook ( for events and things I’ll be doing in the NYC and surrounding areas,,, and sometimes even further, lol.



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