“MANELOOK: Where Hair Care meets Style!”

A few weeks ago before putting my signature, Purple Braids back in, I was honored to have the lovely, Lashonne, of MANELOOK, Cut and style my hair. It was an amazing experience as well as educational. It had also been some time since I was able to be around positive women, sitting around, shooting the shyt (as they say) in a ‘Salon’ environment. We discussed our kids and family life, music, careers, future goals and all of the crazy shyt we see on social media.

I’m very mindful about who I let do my hair, especially when it involves cutting it. I don’t have a lot to work with so you must be skilled. There’s not enough hair for error. I met Lashonne at a Networking/Social event earlier this year (May 2017) which I came across on social media and after I had seen testimonies Lashonne had posted on her Instagram (@Manelook) from satisfied customers I was happy to take my chances.

As soon as I sat in the chair, she started lightly touching my hair for inspiration. I know my hair was damaged so I knew it would be a huge chop. She began parting my hair. I was looking in the mirror as she asked what type of style I wanted. That was when I assured her she could do whatever she’d liked because I trusted her.

We headed to the sink and I became so excited. Yall know there is no better feeling than the feeling of someone else washing and massaging your hair and scalp. Lashonne did Not Disappoint! lol. After washing and conditioning my hair she put a few big braids in it and gave me an educational Haircare Tip:

MANELOOK TIP #1 – To prevent shrinkage after washing and conditioning your hair, by adding a few Platts/Braids, to stretch your length, sit under a hood dryer. The braid stretches the hair so it wont shrink back up.

She let loose with the scissors. I told her this New Look was right on time because I had just went through a horrible breakup so I was All for this Makeover.

SIDEBAR: Something about break ups that make us Ladies have a need to cut some or ALL of our hair off. NEW BEGINNINGS, Right!? *shrug*

Right after High School Lashonne became a Dental Assistant but eventually she found herself doing hair. Most stylist I know or who I’ve allowed in my hair have always told me they started doing hair at a very young age. She was a late bloomer because she started doing hair in her early adulthood. She practiced by doing the hair of the seniors in her building as well as her peers.

Lashonne received her License to do hair in 1995, but she wasn’t ready to leave her “9-5” so she juggled both careers. She knew it was time to take the “Leap of Faith” when she found herself putting her business cards in the dental bags of her patients as well as asking them what type of hair care products they used. It was in 2007 when she decided to follow her passion and go full throttle as a Hair stylist.

“The brand is MANELOOK.” Lashonne says in a proud voice.

Because she is an independent stylist, she is able to travel place to place, State to State. She loves the freedom, however, she also loves the traditional structure of being in a Salon/Beauty Parlor setting. With that setting you usually have a Team. “There’s a camaraderie.” she says, before adding, “this type of business is flexible, you can swing it many ways so it’s great!”

Lashonne works with many different hair types. From the texturized clients to the “ALL NATURAL” wearers but explains, “Relaxers takes out our (Black women) moisture and long-term causes damage.”

SIDEBAR: She educated me by letting me know that although I didn’t have a relaxer in my hair but had color (purple) in it, I was NOT Natural. “Its a misconception some folks have. Just because you don’t have a relaxer doesn’t mean its natural. Any chemicals added, Kills that!” So those with color, think again. You may be relaxer free but NOT Natural. *The same damage a relaxer can do, color can too when not applied properly.*

Lashonne believes where some stylist mess up is when they listen to their clients instead of following their Professional Knowledge. When stylist go against what he/she knows, just to please and/or satisfy their client, that’s when, at times, damage is caused. Everything is not for everybody. Ironically, that’s why I went Relaxer-Free 6yrs ago. My hair was falling out from me experimenting with styles, colors and relaxer brands. We have different hair types so we must be mindful when wanting a style that we’ve seen on someone else. As well as using hair care products that we’ve seen someone else use.

*Do you know your “Hair Type”? Here’s a chart to help you figure it out*

When I say, I was educated by Lashonne, Please Believe it! She told me, she didn’t care what type of hair someone had, she welcomed them all. She loved watching her clients hair flourish. Lashonne said it was like a student – teacher relationship which made it a team effort. Everytime her client sits in her chair, she will inform them on how to keep up the style and how to keep it healthy. They would have to follow the instructions given because if not, they will have to start the process all over again each time.


Something else I learned from Lashonne, and never really paid any mind to before was, Our (Black People in general) hairline grows forward, naturally. If you look at how “baby hair” grows in or the direction our hair goes when its in a natural Fro,,, towards the front. Most stylist wont tell us this and will continue to do styles which pull our hair back. This is a reason why some women edges fall out.

This was such an amazing experience. I couldn’t wait to share my pictures and MANELOOK‘s Promo video, featuring Yours Truly! It was great having the lessons learned about maintaining the health of my hair and what Not to use, as well as which hair care products were best for My Type of Hair.

It made sense by the time we finished what was meant by:

“MANELOOK: WHERE HAIR CARE MEETS STYLEbecause I sat in the chair with a head full of damaged hair and got up with a new look. My hair was still relaxer-free, and it was a fresh start to healthier hair care.

I even got my face BEAT by CEO of The Posh Gurl Brand, L. Johnson (@IAmPoshGurl) www.poshgurlnyc.com

If you are looking for someone to style and help you take good care of your hair, I recommend you book Lashonne. She will not only have you feeling like a Million bucks, she will have you full of knowledge on how to take proper care of your hair You will never have to worry about breakage or it falling out, as long as you do what she suggest you do to care for it.






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