Breastfeeding Pods Now Available in NYC…

Attention NYC Moms in the 5 Boroughs (Boros)…

For those of you who are new moms or expecting moms and moms who breastfeed in general, this is exciting news for you. Some of you may not know but in 2016 a law was signed by NYC Mayor De Blasio which requires City agencies to make “Lactation” rooms available to the public. This is great because as a mom who has breastfed all 4 of her children, it isn’t something that is comfortable to do when you are out and about and your babies becomes hungry.

Studies have shown, breast milk has antibodies that will help your child keep off bacteria and viruses. Breastfeeding lowers your child’s risk of developing allergies and/or asthma. It also helps keep your child at a lower risk of having ear infections and diarrhea. Most moms, like me, only do it for a few months or up to a year but the average time most moms will breasfeed their child is up to 4yrs old.

These Mamava brand mobile Lactation Pods have electricity outlets for electric Breast pumps, a bench and table for comfort and the door locks for privacy. Eventually they will be Lactation rooms throughout NYC and hopefully surrounding areas. They are at convenient locations like the Museums, the Zoo and Hospitals, which can be used whether you are visiting these locations or not. Its there for public use.

So if you are a mom or know a mom who may find this information helpful, please share this blog and also visit: for more locations.

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