Girls Trip

Finally got to see “Girl Trip” starring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish. It for sure is a Must See! This is a movie well enjoyed alone, with your Bae, ya’Girls and even with your Co-Workers. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time from a Comedy. I think I went through many emotions to be honest but it made you appreciate the friends you have in your life. And if you don’t have “Real” friends, friends you can call on, visit, take trips with, be the God Parents to their child, etc, it made you wish you did.

It was also great seeing an All Black Women Star Cast. Girl Power at its Finest. It displayed how women of color can be different and be successful, have it all together on the outside, live on the wild side but in reality, we struggle trying to Keep It Real. It assured us, when you have True Friends, you don’t have to Sugar-Coat to the world but instead be who you really are, inside and out.

True friends are hard to come by so we must honor and be loyal to the friends we have. Cherish the bonds built. Love and respect eachother. Be there when noone else will be. Or even Can be. Be that Trusted person with their life. And Hell, Travel, Drink, Live on the Wild Side and More because in the end, who But your Best Friends, can you Rely on with your Deep Dark Secrets and Thot-Slip Ups! lol

So Again, Go see this film. Make sure your ticket says “Girl Trip” to be sure they get the Credit for the Purchase. And Tweet to the cast to let them know you Support this Film!

**!st week in the Box Office, This Film came in 2nd Place, bringing in an earned estimate of 30.8 million (according to**

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