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The lessons learned, the growth within myself as well as on terms of the amazing people I’ve meet this year. I have learned so much more about myself in 2017 and about others. From the start of the year, I wanted to switch things up a bit in my life. So I learned to be a bit more patient with people and to smile more. I’ve learned to pay a bit more attention to details. I have learned that sometimes the people we go the hardest for will eventually let you down. I have learned those we are most loyal to will let you down too. But with that, I’ve also learned to appreciate those who’ve Showed me and continue to show me nothing but love. In the process, I have learned to love myself more and believe in myself more and to always look out for self, first and foremost and then those who I believe in who have great things going on that myself and others can benefit from in major ways. Its all about Spreading Love to eachother!

June, 22nd I turned 40 years old. I took 40 and Fabulous to a Whole different Level! I lost a few friendships but I’ve also gained friends who have positive energy I enjoy surrounding myself with. Although I have been through struggles and was once single while married, now divorced and many moves between NY and VA and Back the last 15yrs, I watched my year apart twin, in the same day, who attended 2 different high schools, graduate ClassOf2017! What an Accomplishment! I DID THAT!!! It took a village though. I am proud of my kids. They give me reasons to grind hard at all times. And then July, 22nd, I decided to launch this blog. I am proud of myself because I wasn’t sure if I should but the support I have been getting is overwhelming.


In 2018 I will focus a bit more on myself and my goals but my main priority as always will be introducing the public, my readers and social media followers to black owned businesses, screen writers, publishers, people in fashion, restaurants, artist and others that are out there but may not have an outlet to tell the world. I look forward to helping with that. And because I BE EVERYWHERE, this year I have met a lot of people who have businesses and brands. I have attended events that have allowed me to shop from small businesses. I have come across entrepreneurs via Hashtags and have also done business with them. I’ve met some folks in Random places like on line at the post office or while riding the subway and the Airport… Simple ask yourself where you met me at, lol *comment below* I am grateful to the beautiful women and men I have met and have been able to build with this year. I cannot wait to see what is in store for the new year.

2017, I claimed everything and for the most part I’ve received it or its in the works of me receiving in 2018. I am excited about whats to come. If you or anyone you know has a brand or business and want me to assist with getting it out to more people, email me (

In 2018 I Pray that we can all come together and support one another and love more. Give more without losing yourself. Plan ahead for better days to come. Life is what YOU Make It so Make It GREAT! Be Blessed!


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