I strongly believe things happen for a reason and we are connected to people who will serve a purpose in our lives. Those of you who follow me on IG know, for the last year or so I’ve been doing Bikram (hot) Yoga and Loving it! It has made a huge difference in my life. MIND, BODY, SOUL.

Early January, I received a DM on my Instagram page (@BklynTyeNYC) from The GREEN SPA & WELLNESS CENTER (@TheGreenSpa / 8804 3rd Ave, Bklyn They sent me an invite to join them for their “Bloggers & Baguas” event on January, 31 2019. I was pleasantly surprised because I had only recently started following them on IG. But as proof on “Things happen for a Reason” – I accepted and was looking forward to January, 31st.

The day came. Talk about perfect timing! It was a Thursday, the last day of the month and I usually start my weekends on Friday. Plus, I had already decided weeks earlier that I wasn’t starting 2019 until February 1st due to left over baggage from 2018. Let’s be honest, most of us did for the same reason.

I traveled from Queens to Brooklyn and on this day, not even the Snow Storm that was taking place during my 2 hour travel was going to stop me from being a part of this gathering. *Yall know the devil will try blocking your blessings* I was a bit early and was warmly greeted and offered tea. The waiting area had a warm soothing feel which made me even more excited. The aroma was so peaceful. I patiently waited as other invited guess started to arrive.

Green Spa and Wellness Center isn’t your average ‘Spa’. Its been around for 2 decades and it’s a Women Owned & Operated establishment. They’ve been voted BEST DAY SPA in HEALTH, WELLNESS AND BEAUTY. Most Spas I’ve been to were in commercial buildings but this was a residential which gave an authentic homely feel. It really made you feel like you were coming in after a long day of NYC Hustle and Chaos. For someone like myself who has a very busy life and who travels most of the day on public transportation, it felt good “COMING HOME“.

Once we all arrived, we were greeted by Summer. She thanked us for coming. We each thanked her for inviting us. I added, how much I appreciated her for thinking about me. I didn’t know what to expect but once she lead us upstairs, I knew we were in for a treat. As we headed to the 2nd floor, we were being serenaded by the sounds of Michael Burdi (@Baharatband). There were pictures on the wall with Stones beneath each that read, RELAX, HEAL, PRACTICE, BEAUTY.


The 2nd floor had 5 rooms for various things. Each door had a different title: SUN, FORREST, OCEAN, EARTH and MOON. This Spa really had it all under one roof. They offer services for the entire family. Treatment for 2, Services for ‘Mature’ Adults (seniors), Children & Teen services, which I thought was perfect for us moms who want another productive way to spend time with our kids. Especially our daughters because its never too early to teach them how to appreciate themselves and the proper ways to take care of your skin, mind, soul, and body. The GREEN SPA also has services for your Bridal needs and Wellness services like, Acupuncture, Meditation and help for those who want to kick bad habits like Smoking.

After touring the 3rd floor as well we were then led to a room where we met Sheila, the founder and Licensed Massage Therapist (she also does so much more) of the GREEN SPA who would give us a lesson on FENG SHUI. I’d heard about it but never inquired what it was exactly. I soon learned that you do not have to be of Chinese ethnicity to appreciate their culture. With the Chinese New Year starting February, 5th, this lesson was right on time.

We were given a flyer with a FENG SHUI Bagua or Energy Map. Along with a Red envelope, Pen and Notebook. It was a lot to take in but we did learn the basics.

FENG SHUI is energy forces used to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. I got the concept when Sheila spoke in NYC MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) terms when trying to explain to us the way Acupuncture works, in comparison to FENG SHUI. Like why they would put a needle in your toe when really you have a headache. She said, “We call it ‘Subway systems’. You may have the ‘N’ the ‘R’, the 1, the ‘2’ (trains) and there could be a backup at 34th street but you’re feeling it at 23rd… when we put the little wheels around, we move the energy so the body can feel natural…” She added, “there’s a back up someplace that means the energy cannot move.” Basically, Acupuncture helps to move the energy around. She told us, FENG SHUI translates or is defined as WIND-WATER in English. Needles in acupuncture are equivalent to furniture, colors, pictures and fountains when dealing with your home and/or office energy, in FENG SHUI terms. Basically FENG SHUI allows us to control the energy around us.

Sheila helped ground our energy by rubbing Wild Orange Essential Oils in her hands as she went around the room to each of us. She had us take a deep breath to inhale it in while our eyes were closed. Also letting us know this Chinese New Year is all about New Beginnings, Fresh Starts and Cleansing. Then she rang a bell and 3 Chimes later she asked us how we felt. I actually became more relaxed. She explained by scent and sound, she was changing the energy. I felt a shift for sure.

“We want to influence 2019. Not the other was around.”

We were asked to look at the FENG SHUI Bagua (Energy map) that was given to us. The Bagua will help find out what colors and items would go in certain areas of our ‘Space’ and in my case, I thought about my bedroom. Sheila gave us tips on this years Chinese New Year also considered “The Year Of The PIG”. She asked if we knew our Chinese Zodiac/Animal sign. At the time I didn’t know but I later learned due to my year of birth, I am a Snake. She told us we all represent different types of energy. Red is the color this year. Its all about creating fire energy in the center of your FENG SHUI space. Adding colors and thing like, Reds, Oranges, Fire Place, Candles, Red Rug, wind chimes, etc., is where you can start… Yang energy.

Because it’s so much to take in, I wouldn’t do justice explaining it all so I hope this clip helps as Sheila explained it to us. I also advise you to do more research if you are interested in learning more on FENG SHUI. Or just visit The GREEN SPA. I promise you, after you learn more on it and incorporate it in your daily life, you will have New Beginnings. Mark My Words!

To end this part of the session, Sheila told us the Red Envelope that was given to us was a Chinese tradition and was to be used to Share or Give. Give money, Share intentions. Using anything red when giving something to someone brings Luck. More examples would be given your resume in a Red folder. Or a gift in a Red box. A letter in a Red envelope.

We took a break to mingle and network with one another. The GREEN SPA had food catered for us by South Brooklyn Foundry (@SBKFoundry) and it was SO BROOKLYN (aka D’Lish!) I actually had Brussels sprouts. Not one of my favorite veggies but the way they prepared it, I could eat it everyday. The other bloggers and invited guest were very nice. We exchanged social media accounts and business cards as we ate, drank wine- Red, White and Sake.

I was full and having an amazing time. We were led to the BUDDHA Room where Summer introduced us to Katie (@GreenSpaEvents) who is a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a ‘Hands on’ Energy form of meditation. The mood of this room was quiet and still. Katie told me she had a balanced blend in the diffuser made up of different trees and Frankincense along with Rosemary and wild Orange essential oil. This would uplift, cleanse and sooth us. She also had a few of the GREEN SPA products on display to show us. (Pictured below)

The GREEN SPA has their own line of natural, Organic and VEGAN products which are Great! They call their line “LEGEND of The Spa”

Before we meditated, Summer lead us in song and it made me cry. Her voice was great and it fit with the mood we were in. I am so glad I captured it on video.

Katie introduced us to Natalie (@GreenSpaNatalie) who is a Lead Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner. But like Sheila, Katie and Natalie do many other things at the Green Spa. Katie told us they offered Reiki Circles in the room we were in. As we sat Indian style, Katie gave us more information about what Reiki was and the purpose of it all. She had us start off by closing our eyes. Katie told us to shake our body (arms, shoulders, chest, head) to loosen up. Then we stretched up and over. Breathing in and out. Loosen up our jaws. Inhale. Exhale. Her voice was so calming. Then we sat still and I immediately went into meditation. I was so relaxed. This was the 1st time I had meditated longer than 5 mins. I was so calm and relaxed and in tune with my breathing. Add the sound of Katie’s voice, I went about 10 mins.

It’s been 2 weeks since the event took place. I wanted to give honest feedback on my full experience. I needed time to put in place some of the new things I learned in order to see if any changes would occur. The very next day, February 1st, I changed my entire bedroom around which is where I spend most of my time when I’m home and blogging. I rearranged furniture. Threw some things out I had been holding on to for no reason or for reasons I had to let go.

This room had a Relaxation bed and a Tub which allows you to Relax and clear your mind.

My word is ALWAYS my Bond, so believe me when I tell you, EVERYTHING I changed and incorporated has made a huge difference in my life the last 14 days. I have more open space. I now get to watch the sun rise and set from the comfort of my own bed. As someone who has worn purple EVERYDAY since I was 13yrs old; for almost 30yrs, I’ve now added reds and whites and blues and it has set a new found energy in my world.

I’ve even changed up the way I post on my social media page. I’ve been contacted for various paid work and some just for the opportunity to be at some of the events will be wonderful for me. And for those who watched the 2019 Grammy Awards (Feb. 10th) the celebrities were wearing Reds and Glittery, Sparkled colors. Their faces were more natural looking. Basically everything Sheila had told us, I was seeing with my own eyes.

THE GREEN SPA and WELLNESS CENTER was a learning and fun experience. I plan to be a regular patron. They treated us all like family. They offer so many things that can help change our personal world. The workshops they have coming up I will be attending and bringing my friends and family when I can. Meet Me There, Thank Me Later. I assure you, if you have never been to a Spa, or even if you have one you frequent, the GREEN SPA and WELLNESS CENTER is a place you have to try. It’s definitely like a Super Spa – Everything under One roof! Visit their website for more details on what they offer. Check out their ‘blog’ and ‘Events’ link as well. If you’ve ever been to a Spa or have ever visited the GREEN SPA, drop a comment below about your experiences. What haven’t you tried that you would like to try at a Spa? If you want me to keep you informed when I go back, comment below with you e-mail. Feel free to share this blog.


8 thoughts on “GREEN SPA & WELLNESS CENTER,,,

  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog and I can’t express how proud I am of you!!! Reading you blog almost felt like I was there and I can’t wait until experience this for myself.
    I have always believed that using anything and giving something red to someone brings Luck.
    Continue doing what you’re doing because your absolutely great st it ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Sounds like a great time! I need to check that Spa on my next NYC trip. I enjoy your post always well written, informative and entertaining. One thing though… you don’t like Brussel sprouts? ?.

    1. When u come back, you def have to check them out and I like them (BCUZ IM LOVE FOOD PERIODT!, lol) It just wasnt my favorite but I now know I havent had them prepared properly bcuz South BK Foundry went innnnnn!!! So good!

  3. As always, you give very detailed and informative information on your experiences, it’s like being there. Additionally you absorb the event or experience for some time before sharing with your readers, great plan. We look forward to your continued posts.

    1. Thank you for reading. I plan on visiting them often. I’ll be going in for a facial soon for the experience as well as meditations and workshops they offer. You should visit them soon as well. You will love it!

  4. What an inspiring post. I finally found Brooklyn Tye’s website, and I’m so impressed!
    Great piece on your spiritual journey. This is giving me more ideas to create a spa for myself at home. I also love orange oils rubbed in the palms of your hand and inhaling. They got me at the mall with that, I had to buy the oils on the spot.
    Looking forward to more thoughtful, sassy, and informative posts!
    I’m bookmarking this post under ‘health’

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Thank you for reading! I think after this crazy year, you need that Spa! I am currently working on my Spiritual Healing Zen Garden for my dresser. What a Year this has been. But WE ARE STLL HERE! Meditation has definitely got me through. Stay tuned for more of my blogs. I am going to start my podcast in a few weeks, too, so stay tuned for that. Miss you. It’s been years but you always show me so much love! Love you auntie. Stay Safe! talk to you soon.

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