It’s November 2023 and we currently have less than two months left to this year. How has life been treating you? I’m sure for a lot of us it’s been a world wind of Ups and Downs. Relationships, Friendships, Situationships,,, These ‘SHIP’ have brought us, Joy, Break Ups, LOVE, Happiness, Sadness, Loneliness and everything else short of the Montgomery Brawl (you see what I did there, lmao). We have traveled to various Cities, States and Countries, with friends, family, spouses, co-workers for business, Rest and Relaxation and we’ve even traveled alone. That’s been my normal routine all year. I can no longer wait for others to be ready to get out of town. I have missed a ton of trips and events and fun experiences doing that in my 20’s and 30’s.

Although I was born on the 2nd day of Summer, Autumn is actually my favorite season. Fall weather brings nice cool mornings and mid-temperatures during the day. I am speaking on temperatures if you live on the East Coast, just to be clear. It’s not too cold or too hot. The wind is breezy at times but it doesn’t always require heavy coats. A light jacket or hoodie will suffice.

When I am in New York, I love walking the BROOKLYN BRIDGE as often as possible. I will usually take the A-train to High Street or F-train to York St., then walk the bridge over to NYC aka Manhattan, and head to the Ferry which is a few blocks away. It’s fun taking a nice ride over to Staten Island as we pass the Statue of Liberty. Sometimes I’ll make the trip back and forth twice in a row. Why Not! THE FERRY IS FREE!

The hustle and bustle never changes in NYC. You will always hear a variety of noises from a friendly, “YEEERRR”, to cars honking, police and ambulance sirens. People chatting to eachother or on their cell phones. Dogs, kids playing, someone yelling out to purchase (anything) from their stand…

The view is amazing as well when you walk the neighborhoods where the flowers are in full bloom. The trees are trimmed nice and neat. NYC Parks department makes sure to keep the green streets cleaned and colorful daily. I would know because I worked for them once upon a time.

In 2023, we’ve went through many different MOONS, like, the WOLF Moon, the PINK Moon, BLUE moon… New Moon in Pisces, and in Leo… We had RETROGRADES, like the Venus Retrograde and a Pluto Retrograde. We had a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio… And believe what you want, they’ve made a huge difference in the outcome of our lives at this very moment. There are things we can do to assure the best outcome when these Moons occur. For these lessons I watch and follow, Β THE QUEEN PO YOUTUBE & @TheQueenPo

The Queen Po provides writing prompts and gives a better understanding on what these Moons mean and signify and when you pay attention and practice the lessons she provides, FOR FREE, you will see a big difference happen in your life. I stumbled across her page earlier this year and got a journal and started taking notes and applying things into my life and WOW to the things that have taken place. I have a better understanding on what’s going on in my world and I have had positive outcomes due to claiming and speaking things into existence. Praying, Always.

To know me is to know, MUSIC IS MY LIFE… HIP HOP Especially. There wasn’t a great selection of music this year, however, some of my favorite people came through. My homie, MadSkillz, (@SkillzVA) dropped his latest collab with Gavin Williams, called, THE BOP GODS and its FIYAH!!! Diddy also dropped HEAT featuring voices like, Summer Walker, Teyana Taylor, The Weekend, Busta Rhymes and you know Mary J. Blige is on it as well. The album is called, THE LOVE ALBUM: Off The Grid. Another favorite of mines by default, Chris Brown, dropped 11:11 on November, 11th. These should all be added to your music purchases and or playlist. I love listening to Playlists on Spotify but I prefer to buy my music. More so to support the artist and I like to listen to what I want to listen to when I want to listen to it. *You can also check out my Playlist I’ve created on Spotify,Β 11-11-11-Forever

Lastly, we have to stay Prayed Up for the next few weeks of this year and keep moving forward in life. It is a true blessing to see a new day. The best part of waking up is being able to start the day over and try our best at being better than we were the day before. I like starting my day with mediation and yoga stretches. Then I like to read what @FeedHerWisdom has posted for the day. You should check her out. She is very inspirational and she shares a lot of Prayers that help those of us who do not know how to Pray. So, Again, FOLLOW HER @FeedHerWisdom on IG.

I hope the rest of 2023 brings everyone many more blessings and positive energy for preparation for an Amazing 2024. Keep your heads up. Stay safe. Share a Smile with everyone you come into contact with. Check on your loved ones as often as possible, and as Always,



6 thoughts on “HELLO NOVEMBER

  1. I definitely need to link up and give you this Da South girl experience in NYC. I do love ❀️ NY but the noise and busy town is something I don’t know I could ever get use to it.

  2. Another great read Tye!!! I agree with Autumn being a beautifully balanced seasoned. I am forever fascinated by the variety of colors that hang from the trees, and then blanket the ground. I always enjoy reading your blogs, and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in December πŸ’™πŸ’™

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