“The Perfect Find”,,, Book vs Movie

When the perfect find came out back in 2016, I didn’t get around to reading it although I did buy a copy. When I heard the movie was coming out (June 2023) I had to be sure to read the book before watching the movie. Of course I couldn’t find the copy I had so I ordered another one off Amazon. ( AMAZON: The Perfect Find by Tia Williams ) The book was Re-Released in 2021. So I have a latest edition. *Still can’t find the original copy I have…*

If you’re like me then you prefer reading a book before watching the movie adaptation. I like to get my own feel to the story. Let my imagination have a vision of what’s taking place in the story that I am reading. Get the vision the original author expected it’s readers to have before handing it over to a movie producer and director who will probably add or take away certain parts from the book for whatever reason. This could be a good or bad thing. Some times the movie is shortened so it’s not too long but at times, the best parts are taken away.


In the novel, I was immediately caught up in Jenna Jones life. She had been in a long term relationship with the love of her life, Brian. It ran its course but she finds out later on, the reasons were not as they seemed. Serious Question: Why is it, Men never speak up even when it will cost the relationship? SMH,,, Always PRIDE related. Anyway, – She had reached her 40’s. Jenna was single. Had a great job. Comfortable lifestyle. No kids. Happy Life, Somewhat – DOT DOT DOT !

After a random one Event-Stand, she finds herself caught up in a Situationship with someone old enough to her son. Eric. In fact, she WORKED FOR HIS MOMMA! They both worked for his mother, Darcy. who owns a High-Style magazine, called, DARZINE. Darcy and Jenna have history. Their relationship wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t nice. I was so caught up because I couldn’t imagine one of my Frien’Enemies falling for my handsome single, no kids having son! Jenna and Eric are teamed up to work on a project for the magazine and while trying to help rebrand the magazine, they fall in love all the while keeping it a secret. They Tried It… *shrug*

The book version has you wanting them to have a relationship but also wanting her to get back with her ex, Brian, because they seemed like they were meant to be together. Love found its way back… or did it?


The movie version of the book wasn’t too far off but I would have liked to see a lot more of the book in movie form. Jenna is played by Gabriel Union. She did a great job but shes an amazing actress. Eric’s character was played by the handsome, Keith Powers. The both of them were the perfect match for this film. I could feel their chemistry in ever scene. Darcy, the mom and magazine owner/CEO, was played by Gina Torres. SIDEBAR: In real life she was married to the famous actor, Laurence Fishburne, for many years. They share a daughter.

In the movie, The Perfect Find, Jenna and Eric don’t have a sexuation the first night they meet. I mean, unless you count a hot passionate kiss they shared. Just like in the book, however, they are formally introduced when she shows up for a job at DARZINE, the magazine ran by Darcy, Eric’s mom. In fact, they didn’t sleep together until Jenna invites him and his friends to her home for a blind date – dinner party she was having. Jenna’s friend, Billie, played by one of my favorite beauties, Aisha Hines, tries playing matchmaker and hooks her up with a guy (Comedian Godfrey) who turns out to be a jackass.

Fast Forward

They start building a secret relationship until they start getting sloppy. Darcy starts getting suspicious and warns them both, they better not have something going on. Yet and Still, clients and coworkers start seeing the two of them out and about in intimate settings. Brian (Played by, D.B. Woodside) is also trying to win Jenna back as well by sending her gifts and trying constantly to reach out to her. This puts Jenna in a hard spot because she starts to remember how much she loved Brian but questions if its worth going back to him.

Eric and Jenna are trying to build something but at the same time, Jenna feels insecure because he is young and is barely over his ex, Madison. Then he sees her with Brian and thinks she wants him back. They have a BLOW UP. It was a huge misunderstanding and meet to talk it out at his moms house,,, they make up and…

WELP! They get caught SEX HANDED! AND BY DARCY… Needless to say, Darcy fusses them both out and fires Jenna. Eric doesn’t defend or leave with her. Of course she’s heartbroken and deep down inside Eric is, too.

Do they work things out? Will the age gap matter more than their love for eachother? Do they go back to their Ex’s? Will Jenna have the life she’s always wanted, even though its with someone so young and inexperienced in life?

Yall will have to check the Book AND OR Movie out to find out. I liked both, the book and movie of THE PERFECT FIND but I loved the book more. I did like in the movie, how, in between and during some scenes they had old movies and videos playing with classic songs we all love. It brought more life to the movie. All of the actors were good. Remy Ma even made a guest appearance.

So, I’d love for yall to check out the Book and the Movie and come back to this blog and leave a comment below. Tell me if you read the book or watched the movie, OR BOTH! And let me what you thought. I can assure you, you will love either one. You don’t have to read the book first but again, I DO Recommend it.




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