Today, July, 21st 2021 marks a  full month of SUMMER 2021, and the end of THEE BEST ZODIAC SIGN,,, YEA I SAID IT!, CANCER – SEASON… but as per usual, I will continue celebrating my 44th Birthday (6/22nd) the rest of the Summer (which ends 9/22nd).

Last year, 2020, showed us how precious life and family is but most of all, we learned to put ourselves first. Self-Love. Self-care. Therapy. Traveling solodolo. So many of us lost loved ones due to COVID-19, mostly by death but also by you realizing the ones who were family and the ones you called FRIEND, were never really a real friend/family member who cared about you. They showed this by never checking to see how you were doing the entire year. Us STRONG Friends, Especially.

2021 has been more productive than last year and that’s great. Onward-Upward. Although I am not where I would like to be in my life I am well on my way. As the Summer continues and OUTSIDE IS OPEN, I plan on traveling more, local and domestic, trying out new spots, (restaurants, museums, bar/lounge) reading tons of books, basically learning new things each day that I am alive. Life is too short and I am at that age where a lot of the legends I grew up loving, whether seeing them, ‘Around the hood’, on television, listening to their music or the ones in sports, are dying and FAST!

One of my MOTTOs is, LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT, SO MAKE IT GREAT! I know this to be true.

MY2CENTS: Some ways to making life greater is to stay on a health trail by exercising and eating fruits and veggies, getting good rest (and Good trim if you can help it) and lots of water. These are just some of the things I’ve been doing (minus the trim/sex since I am currently single) and plan on continuing for the rest of the Summer, hopefully longer. *and currently reciting CIARAs Prayer Daily* I walk a lot but I have been doing more Yoga and morning stretches in order to keep my joints and muscles on Pizz’Oint.

LADIES, buy yourself flowers regularly. Even if you are in a relationship and/or marriage. We have to learn to treat and please ourselves and not wait or rely on others to bring us JOY, PEACE & HAPPINESS. We must do this for ourselves. I have learned this being single. Treating yourself to simple things is gratifying.

EXPLORE your surrounding and there’s no telling what you may stumble across. Recently while walking down a Manhattan (NYC) Street, I passed by a flee market and got to check out some nice finds. This is the season for tons of flee markets, yard sales, farmers markets and many POP-UPs for small businesses to have a way to sell their branded items.

BE STILL mentally by taking time to stop and chill. Do Nothing. Breathe deeply. This can be done outdoors. I recommend it in fact. I also think its best on days when you have ME TIME. This is the perfect way to spend time alone and collect your thoughts. This can also be done any day of the week. Hell! You can do this everyday if you have 15-20 mins. For those who meditate, this is the same thing but a different way for those who find it hard to shut their brains off indoors.

I thank you for reading. Comment below to let me know how you have been spending the Summer so far. You never know, it may help another fellow reader…