Angie Martinez SUMMER BBQ 2021

angies bbq 2021

Summer 2021 has been a bit of a drag thanx to Covid still lingering. Needless to say, I haven’t done much this Summer as far as Concerts and Events. But recently I was invited to attend an Annual BBQ hosted by iHeart Radio and Power105.1 and sponsored by @Truly (and a few other brands) for Read More


Today, July, 21st 2021 marks a  full month of SUMMER 2021, and the end of THEE BEST ZODIAC SIGN,,, YEA I SAID IT!, CANCER – SEASON… but as per usual, I will continue celebrating my 44th Birthday (6/22nd) the rest of the Summer (which ends 9/22nd). Last year, 2020, showed us how precious life and Read More

I Am WOMAN, Hear Me ROAR,,,

Crown Me

  HerStory: I am the 1st born, Daughter-GrandChild-Niece-Cousin, etc, on my mom AND dad (RIP) side. I come from a long lineage of Strong Black Women. Especially on my mother’s side. Although my dad was in my life from DAY ONE, til’ the day he passed away (March, 7th 2011), I was mainly around my Read More


From the beginning, I’ve been a fan of Mary J. Blige. I can honestly say she got me through the 90’s. Especially being a teen mom at 15 in 1993. Her 1st album, WHAT’S THE 411, which came out in ’92, definitely guided me through it all. I was young (and dumb) and searching for Read More

The Grind Dont Stop…

Me Dec 2020

As we come to the last week of December, this will be my last blog for TWENTY-TWENTY and what a Year it has been! I have not blogged as much as I would have liked to but this year has been tricky. In retrospect, if you think about it, towards the end of 2019, we Read More


It’s Two-Thousand and Twenty, February has Already begun, and like some of you, I’ve decided to Finally claim the New Year. Most of us had things lingering from 2019 that we had trouble letting go of but this is usually the case when the next 12 months are about to begin. Me, personally, I think Read More