It’s Two-Thousand and Twenty, February has Already begun, and like some of you, I’ve decided to Finally claim the New Year. Most of us had things lingering from 2019 that we had trouble letting go of but this is usually the case when the next 12 months are about to begin. Me, personally, I think Read More


Reading has always been a favorite hobby of mines since I was a kid. I use to look forward to going to my local library for the “R.I.F (Reading Is Fundamental) program each week and didn’t mind when I was constantly called a bookworm. I even have books to this day that I re-read often Read More

1st Annual Uptown Culture Film Festival…

Thursday, April, 11th 2019, I got to experience BLACK GIRL MAGIC, in a FILMATICAL Way. And Yes I just freelanced that word, lol. Although I’m not a movie-going person, I’m always down for a great film. And when its sprinkled heavy with BLACK EXCELLENCE, I’m always going to support it! I have such amazing readers Read More